Welcome to build your own family "Care Page"

The following pages will let you build your own free family care page for your loved one. As the family care manager, will have access to an update page where you can make updates and changes. And, you will also receive a link to your care page that you can distribute to your family and friends so they can join in and help give the best possible caregiving to your loved one.

As you build your free family care page, an example care page is displayed to help you create your family care page.

Step 1: Name your family care page.

Free Care Page Registration

  • Hint: Keep your family care page name simple so that it is easy to remember.
  • Example: Patty Smith
  • PS08101934 - Initials and birthday
  • Pat1934tty - First name and year of birth
  • P08101934 smith - Initial, birthday, last name