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Our Story

The Your Virtual Care Assistant story is one that you have heard time and time again; several friends were talking one day and.....

We have all heard the story of how something was created to fill a need. Well, in the case of Your Virtual Care Assistant it is a similar story. All of these friends had or were facing a similar situation providing support for a loved one battling Alzheimer's. One of the friend's mother in law had just passed away, and everyone seemed to have a similar story or were facing the same situation now.

While these friends were talking, the same challenges and issues kept being referred to, how to provide the best possible care for a loved one battling Alzheimer's. There had to be a better and more pro-active way to keep family and close friends updated on issues. And, while doing so, possibly develop a way to help stimulate the loved one.

What they needed to do was to build a care page that would allow family and close friends a way to connect with their loved one. It had to be accessible from anywhere, flexible, fun, and easy to use, Most importantly it needed to be secure and private. But beyond an online care page, it needed to provide an extra helping set of hands who could do a lot of the routine task such as scheduling appointments and ordering supplies for the family.

The idea of the Virtual Care Assistance combined with a Virtual Care Assistance Team was born, if we used internet technology, we could build a web-based care tool that was private and managed by a single family member who oversaw the caregiving that their loved one received. And, we could also provide an extra set of helping hands to do the updating of the care page, ordering needed supplies, scheduling appointments, coordinating travel and keeping the entire family up to date on events and issues facing a loved one.

Anyone who has witnessed the impact and devastating effects of Alzheimer's first hand can tell you the battle is a long hard one filled with emotions and pain for the entire family. They will inform you that every helping hand you get is a welcomed one.

One could easily say many social media sites can do this, true, but do you want the world to know what your family is dealing with? Do you want your loved one exposed to a worldwide stage? How about your private moments, thoughts, pictures, and family history? These are not things to display to the world; these are private moments. Think about it, who is looking at your open social media, maybe a predator who preys on the elderly just waiting for a chance to strike?

Executive Leadership, Advisors and Care Assistants

John Silling

President and CEO, John provides overall strategic direction, technology vision, leadership, and is the originator of the original Your Virtual Care Assistant. John has over 30 years business, and IT experience developing solutions to solve complex problems, he is considered a visionary leader and can build strong management and leadership teams.

Jeff Burks
CFO, Jeff has over 25 years of executive experience creating revenue growth and effectively managing companies within various industries. Particular expertise includes leading multi-unit organizations and is an expert in delivering start-up and turnaround operations profitability. He has established, owned, operated and directed public and privately owned companies.

David Ferrari
VP of Marketing, David provides strategic marketing direction and leadership. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, management, consulting and marketing of high-tech products and services. David is particularly skilled at leading introductions of new technology, products and service offerings and building strong relationships with customers and partners.

Amanda Fornal
VP Media Production and Relationships, Amanda is a technology professional and business strategy consultant with 18 years of experience leading initiatives that strengthen and optimize processes, expand revenue-generating capabilities and maximize cost savings for companies across industries. Unique to her abilities is the fact that she is an explorer, photographer, diver, and documentary filmmaker. She has traveled to more than 100 countries/territories, reaching each continent with the goal of expanding her knowledge of the world around us and sharing it through her photos and films. She has a keen interest in ocean exploration, animal rights, conservation, global health and cultural understanding.

Matthew Zertuche
VP of Call Center Operations, Matthew has a passion to deliver passionate and insightful customer service. As a professional, he has worked in customer service and healthcare for over a decade and received an M.S. in Gerontology from the University of La Verne in 2016. Most recently, Matthew oversaw the administration of care for seniors at Sunrise Senior Living and used his expertise to orchestrate excellent care solutions. He understands the difficulty and is committed to improving the lives of families caring for loved ones.

Care Assistant's
The power of a Your Virtual Care Assistant portal is greatly enhanced when backed by a team of Virtual Care Assistants who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to support all of your needs. All of our care assistants have been involved with the support and caregiving needed to care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimers.

To ensure the continuous growth of Your Virtual Care Assistant, we have several teams of researchers who continually search for breaking news, updates, government programs and update each Your Virtual Care Assistant with this new and updated information.

Product Specialist
Just like the researchers, we also have several teams of product specialist who are continually expanding our partners and affiliates to ensure new product and services are added to each "Your Virtual Care Assistant." Ensuring that your have a continually updated and expanding listing of goods and services a click or touch away to help you and your family provide the best possible caregiving to your loved one possible.

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Primary Contact Information

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As we build

Your Virtual Care Assistant LLC contact us via the links on this page as email is the most convenient method of communication. If you are interested in submitting your resume to us for future consideration, please use any of the submittal links on this page or our staff page and select the appropriate category to submit your resume.

Working at YVCA

Recruiting, we are always looking for great talent, talent that wants to make a difference in people lives. If you feel you can handle the challenges of a fast pace workplace where each day brings on new and different challenges, then please submit your resume to the department below that you are interested in becoming part of.

* Information Technology - core systems
* Internet development - web site coding
* Media Relations - internet channels etc.
* Call Center - care assistant team
* Back office - HR, Finance, etc.